Happiness is an edible garden

floralsalad floralsalad2

A floral salad of calendula, jasmine, borage, land cress, broad beans, mustard greens and winter oriental greens

No matter how limited your space, provided that you have access to some sunlight, there is always something that you can grow that will taste as beautiful as it looks. These photos are from a salad that I made during the summer, composed entirely of things that I had grown, or that were already growing, in my garden. A number of the greens can be easily cultivated in pots, however, such as cress, mustard and oriental winter salads, including baby pak choi.

Calendula, also known as marigolds, are incredibly easy to cultivate, and when I was living in my bedsit, I always had some growing on my windowsill. They would flower throughout the winter months and provide a lovely dash of colour to the darker days of the year. Their petals are also edible, and make a wonderful addition to salads. They are a useful natural dye much in the way that saffron is, and make a pleasant addition to teas.

Borage, which grows considerably taller than calendula, is also incredibly easy to grow, and can even become a little invasive if you don’t pay attention! It is very good for the bees, who produce a wonderful, clear honey when they are provided with it as forage, and is thus a useful pollinator in community gardens and on allotments. The star-shaped flowers are absolutely delightful, and look wonderful wherever they are added. They can also be frozen into ice cubes to be enjoyed year-round, making a very impressive addition to cocktails.