Wild food and fermentation courses will be scheduled intermittently throughout the year. To register your interest, please send an email with your name, location, and area of interest. Alternatively, request a booking through VizEat.

A working knowledge of edible plants will open up a whole host of possibilities for you in the kitchen. We will try a number of different varieties that are local, seasonal, sustainable and — best of all — free.

Learning the art of preserving and fermentation will help you to extend the joy of each season well beyond its calendar months. From pickles and sodas, to liqueurs and country wines, preserves make a wonderful gift, both to friends and your future self!

wild garlic allium ursinum ramsons foraging food
Wild garlic, a.k.a ramsons. Once a spring treat for Europe’s brown bears, wild garlic makes a wonderful addition to a wide variety of recipes and preserves.